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Mauru — _Waku Waku 7_ (Sunsoft - NeoGeo - 1996)


    Mauru — _Waku Waku 7_ (Sunsoft - NeoGeo - 1996)

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  2. theslackerjack said: Hey, you know of any good tutorials on making chibi-like low-poly models like you do? I can do modeling, but the texture mapping has me confused. Even just a common name for the style that I can search for'd be enough. "Stuff like kouotsu does and Mega Man Powered Up" is just way too vague, y'know? Hell; I could probably fake it if I just had more artists to study. Your stuff's great, and thanks for time: I'm so blind that literally any feedback you could provide would be useful. :3

    Hmm I don’t know! You can check my livestream to see how I do my texturing, but there is nothing special to it, the same as painting a drawing. 3D-Coat is a great inexpensive program for painting directly on the model. For low poly you usually turn off all lighting and just paint in whatever shadows you want permanently, and sometimes you turn off anti-aliasing/filtering in the render so it has a nice lo-fi look. Otherwise, I don’t know anything else to note.

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    enemy of the dogspotting community

    "Michael this isn’t a fucking place for jokes." (69 likes)

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    "Justice just might be cool"

    Majo Ranger Gifs - requested by lnto-the-blue

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  5. Anonymous said: how much do you charge for your 3d commissions? for either hi poly or lo poly do you retopo ur hi poly to make it animatable? like vfx or is it just for gaming? im just asking because I'm currently a vfx student and I love the work your doing you have really clean geometry

    Thanks! I answered all I’ll say about prices for now a couple of posts ago. I don’t know much about vfx but yes my models are made with games in mind, sculpted then retopologized with normals/ao projected. You can’t see the normals in the final post of the kuchlein witch but you can see them in an earlier post. I don’t have any special toon shaders to work with so she just looks better with flat lighting for now. She does look decent in those half lambert screenshots, maybe just my goof for painting too many highlights in the hair.

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  6. Anonymous said: How long have you been studying 3D?

    I started college for it in 2007 or so?? Though I didn’t learn much in the first year or two (or three or four but you say fuck it and start teaching yourself after a point) My first character model was in late 2008.

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  7. Anonymous said: The finished witch looks great! Sorry if you don't feel comfortable answering, but around how much would a model like that cost, if you were still taking commissions?

    Models of this quality fall much more under “freelance” than “commissions” in my mind, in that I am still potentially open for freelance when I’m not open for commissions (though I’m not open for either for now cause I want to get some personal work done)

    It depends on many factors and I won’t say how much the witch cost but you could expect the price to be well into the three figure area

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  9. gif sets are hard

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  10. cybercitrus said: Aaaa~~~! You have gotten even better with every model you make!

    Thanks! I’ve been doing 3D full-time all year so that’s definitely pushed my skills forward! Hopefully I can show stuff soon

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