1. EDIT: Wow I got so much interest so quickly! I’m closing the queue for now so I can find out if the pricing is too low before I accept more. Thanks guys!

    People seem to be interested in low poly 3D commissions, so I am now offering those as well!

    Prices for these will start at just $50 for characters under 1,000 triangles. Pricing goes up for more detail/polygons/props. It is difficult to put a hard price on this type of thing so just email me ( maxhancock@gmail.com ) if you’re interested and I’ll give you a quote!

    Every commission will include a simple rig of the character and an idle animation (sample here ). Additional animations will start at $10 each.

    I cannot stress to you how cheap this is for a custom 3D model! Because these are so cheap they are NOT for commercial use. You may use them in non-profit projects — I will provide you the 3D files at no additional cost. If you are interested in getting 3D models for your commercial work, definitely shoot me an email!

    Thanks for looking! I hope you will spread the word too! I am still doing 2D commissions as well, info is here.

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